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  • Frances Bengwayan

The Magic of Ideas Positive

“In everything we do, we remember that ‘Impossible is only temporary’.”

That was our team’s concluding statement during our presentation for the Ideas Positive Run 5 Live Screening. We felt relieved when it was over, but were left jittery, not knowing if we qualified for the next level. When the announcement finally came, we found ourselves screaming ecstatically in the middle of a crowded mall, oblivious to curious stares.

The next step of the journey was the Boot Camp. Upon arrival at the Bayanihan Center, we already felt a sense of belongingness. Seeing fellow youth from all over the country strengthened my belief that there is hope for the Philippines, as long as our young people are guided well.

To share fellowship with like-minded youth who want to help the country is one thing, but to be able to complete the project implementation despite of all the despites in the world is another thing altogether. Difficulties were inevitable. At some point, the reality of the challenge hit us like a freight train, shouting, “Quit!” But we always chose otherwise, because to quit meant giving up on our community, on the opportunity to help people, and ultimately, on our country.

When we came back after six months for the Finals and Awarding, it was no longer about the recognition. We were celebrating because of the success of our project and for the number of lives we have touched through it. When the run ended, it was a hard pill to swallow, because leaving Bayanihan Center was like leaving home. It became innate for every one of us to help. It was planted in us. But my fellow ambassadors and I know that Ideas Positive made it possible for that seed to grow in us and be nourished.

My Ideas Positive Run 5 journey – from joining to completing the project implementation – was indeed a rollercoaster ride. Who knew that helping a community could be so tiring yet fun and empowering at the same time? They say that addressing these health issues should be the government’s job. But as members of the youth, we also make it a point to help instead of complaining relentlessly in angst and judging in haste.

Even though we were mere students and young professionals with our own priorities, we were able to accomplish a lot for the community with God’s help. Being an Ideas Positive National Finalist was a huge opportunity for us to help our chosen community. Although my team didn’t receive any awards, we all felt like winners because we accepted the challenge and succeeded in helping transform a community, for a healthier Philippines.

Frances Bengwayan is a member of Team Huhu, Ideas Positive Run 5 National Finalist from Baguio City. Her passions include social entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development Goals, writing, and dancing. She is an active member of the Ideas Positive Alumni Community.

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