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Our Team

We are a diverse team of individuals with unique contributions.

We are bound together by the passion to serve and create meaningful outcomes in communities.

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Office of the Executive Director
ECA edited.jpg
Lilibeth Aristorenas

Executive Director

Caryl Biancia.jpg
Caryl Blancia

Executive Assistant

Resource Mobilization & Special Projects
Anne Racoma 01.jpg
Anne Racoma

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Director

Anne Racoma of Execom.jpg
Lourdes Marie Cortez

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Manager

Vico Cham.jpg
Vico Cham

Graphics Artist Assistant

Anne Racoma of Execom.jpg
Kyla Hernandez

Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Associate

Strategic Support
Joan Urieta.jpg
Joan Armada-Urieta

Program and Strategic Support Director

J.A. Moran of Execom.jpg
Voltaire Santillan

Institutional Communications and Advocacy Assistant Manager

Ebony Kangleon of KIM Officer.jpg
Ebony Kangleon

Knowledge and Information Management Officer

Joan Urieta of Execom.jpg
Shannaya Mendoza

Institutional Communications and Advocacy Assistant

Joan Urieta of Execom.jpg
Kathryn Halili

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Officer

Finance, Administration, & HR
Marvin Cesario.jpg
Marvin Cesario

Finance and Admin


Arvee Calacay.jpg
Arvee Jay Calaycay

Finance and Compliance Officer

Mariquit Deocariza of HR Coodinator.jpg
Maria Nikka Vargas

HR Coordinator

Mel Cotejar.jpg
Mel Cotejar

Procurement and Administrative Officer

Daniel Ramirez.jpg
Daniel Ramirez

Finance and Compliance


April Joy Boticial.jpg
April Joy Boticial

Finance Assistant

Cyrus Dela Rosa ofAdmin.jpg
Cyrus de la Rosa

Administrative Assistant

Anthony Zuniga


Daniel Ramirez of Finance.jpg
Kayropa Bellido

Finance and Compliance Assistant Manager

Rosette Bihasa.jpg
Rosette Bihasa

HR Officer

Rosalind Malaque.jpg
Rosalind Fuentes-Malaque

Purchasing Assistant

Heads Up PH
Sab Monasterio.jpg
Isabel Monasterio

Assistant Project Manager

Camille Mendoza.jpg
Camille Mendoza

Senior Project Officer

Yna Jubas.jpg
Yna Marie Jubas

Project Officer

Michelle Amarilla-Climaco

Project Lead

Ms. Kyllie Capacio of Communication & Advocacy Officer.jpg
Jia Jenina Anchinges

Project Officer

Pau Marasigan_edited.jpg
Pauline Marasigan

Senior Project Officer

Ms. Kyllie Capacio of Communication & Advocacy Officer.jpg
Marella Reforma

Project Officer

Iseult Kyllie Capacio

Communications and Advocacy Officer

Project Kaabay
Danielle Santos.jpg
Danielle Santos

Communications and Advocacy Officer

Danella Vera.jpg
Danella Valera

Project Specialist

Tejada, Mitchellin.jpg
Mitchellin Tejada

Project Assistant

Research & Policy Innovation
Michael de la Pena.jpg
Michael Ostan de la Peña

Chief of Public Policy, Research, and Innovation

Support to Spin Offs
Jon Policarpio.jpg
Eduardo Policarpio Jr.

Support to Spin-Offs Director

Modina Jane Bernardino of Business Management Officer.jpg
Ma. Angelica Daza

Business Development Officer

Modina Jane Bernardino of Business Management Officer.jpg
Arianna Garchitorena

Project Assistant

Job Openings

Download the PDF and follow the instructions to apply.

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Project Lead for Heads Up PH
Admin Assistant for UCHP
Finance and Admin Manager for AMDev
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