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About Us

About the Foundation
We believe that a healthier and future-ready Philippines is a better Philippines.

We create the enabling environment for inclusive development through social innovations and impactful programs that will improve the mental health and well-being of young Filipinos, nurture integrated STEM learners and innovators and improve the active participation of the youth in promoting good health and well-being of Filipinos. We believe in promoting good health and wellbeing holistically – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We aim for long-term transformational impact.

Through evidenced based programs and standardized processes, we design interventions that are innovative, impactful and sustainable. We are results-driven and therefore we monitor, evaluate and adapt our programs continuously. When programs mature, we scale up through our Spin-Off entities and/or other partners.

We are committed to building a healthier Philippines – with YOU.

Building a healthier nation is a task too big for one organization. Thus, we convene like-minded groups and individuals – from international NGOs to local volunteer groups, from the government to private institutions, from Chief Executive Officers to barangay health workers. Through bayanihan, we can build a healthier Philippines, one person, one community at a time.

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Our History

Our History

Adopts program

Ideas Positive.png

and pilots

Project Inclusion Network_edited.png

Engaged 26 institutional partners.


Ideas Positive receives Grand Anvil Award.

Accepted in the League of Corporate Foundations.

Engaged 33 institutional partners.

Piloted Anihan.

Accepted in Philippine Coalition on Volunteerism.

Engaged 86 institutional & program partners.



STEM+ PH.png

as flagship program.

Project Inclusion received Gold Anvil Award.


Unilab Foundation becomes fully operational.

Play It Forward.png

pilots in communities.

Engaged 5 institutional partners.

Piloted Health Science on the Go.

Accepted in Associations of Foundations.

Receives Apolinario Mabini Employer of the Year Special Award for Project Inclusion.

Engaged 39 institutional partners.


The First Integrated STEM Summit was organized by ULF in  partnership with the US-based STEM Leadership Alliance.

Project Inclusion Network_edited.png

The first spin-off entity is established -

Project Inclusion Network (PIN)

Ideas Positive receives the first LCF CSR Award on Health

Launch of the National PLAY Advocacy Week and convening of the National PLAY Coalition with ULF as Secretariat

STEM+ PH.png
Heads Up PH.png

Restructured operations into three (3) Program Pillars - -STEM Education (STEM+PH), Mental Health (HEADSUP PH), and Youth Empowerment.

Adopted whole-of-society approach towards achieving systemic change

Reached 17 regions in the Philippines.

Engaged in over 100 institutions & program partners.

PYDN Logo_edited.png

The Positive Youth Development Network (PYDN) is established as the second spin-off entity.

                        The Bayanihan for WellBeing (BWB) is organized to strengthen ULF’s work in mental health amidst the pandemic.

Bayanihan for Wellbeing_edited.png

DepEd cascade to over 12 million elementary learners ULF's  Play-based psychosocial support program and Covid-19 comi

The STEM Leadership Alliance in the Philippines was convened by ULF named as SLA PH with 12  Founding members

SLA 01.png

Launched Pinays Can STEM advocacy.

 The first Center for Integrated STEM Education (CISTEM) is established as the third spin-off entity.


The 2nd Integrated STEM Summit in Asia was co-convened by ULF and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education  Organization (SEAMEO) under a virtual platform.

Partnered with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Aboitiz School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in undertaking evidence-based research using big data.

Project Kaakbay logo.png

Piloted two new initiatives – Project Kaakbay under the Youth Forward PH and


USAID awards a $ 5 Million grant to ULF to lead the creation of the Global Development Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing

ULF in partnership with the Philippine Business for Education (PBED) and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) organized the first Technical Working Group for  Strategic Healthcare Workforce Education.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) J-WEL Workforce Learning invited ULF as a core partner to its Global Opportunity Initiative (GOI).

ULF enters into a collaborative partnership with the Harvard Wyss Institute.

Turn-over of ULF’s Secretariat role of the National PLAY Coalition to World Vision.

Turn-over of Unilab’s SafeBirth Advocacy to ULF

The 3rd Integrated STEM Leadership Summit (hybrid) is co-organized with SEAMEO, US SLA, MIT, CISTEM and UP NISMED.

How it began

After 2012, ULF moved from piloting interventions in select communities, to pioneering solutions in the different fields of health – therapeutic play for pediatric patients and children in vulnerable situations; the holistic development of Persons with Disability; a traveling exhibit to improve health literacy; and youth engagement for healthier communities.With our belief that health and well being is holistic – physical, mental and emotional, we have further expanded our program and are now focused on three Pillars – Health, STEM Education and Youth Engagement.

From a newcomer in the sphere of health advocacy, we have become a convener of like-minded individuals and institutions from different sectors, both local and international: Government, Local, and Education (GIE).

We realize that building a healthier and future-ready Philippines is more than just about doing things right but it is also about doing the right things. In everything we do, we make sure systems are in place, processes are documented and outcomes are measured. That way our impact can be amplified, multiplied and scaled up to reach more communities.

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