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STEM+ PH is the flagship program of Unilab Foundation that aims at expanding the pool of STEM Learners and Innovators in the country.   

The program aims to a) improve the access of learners accessing authentic, integrated STEM education, b) increase the number of schools adapting an authentic, integrated STEM curriculum, and c) improve engagements between government, industry and education sectors.   

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What we do

In the spirit of Bayanihan, STEM+ PH convenes government, academe, industry leaders, and movers to make a future-ready Philippines a reality, through: 

Learner Engagement 

We address the needs of learners by providing access to resources and enabling opportunities. 

Advocacy and Research 

We aim at changing perceptions and behaviors through evidence-based analysis and key messages delivered through various platforms.  

Government-Industry-Education Alliance 

We champion the networks of government, industry leaders, and education sector to forward a comprehensive approach to STEM. 

STEM+ PH programs

Pinays Can STEM empowers and encourages young Filipinas to pursue their STEM dreams while inspiring other girls everywhere, anywhere. 

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STEMKonek is a mentorship platform that provides learners access to mentors and relevant STEM resources, to keep them motivated and interested in STEM while improving their overall confidence.  

The Catalytic Internship Program is a 6-year internship program for senior high school to college students, designed to give practical training and exposure to the STEM industry. Through this program, students can hone their skills, expand their knowledge and develop their interests in STEM.  

Connect with STEM+ PH
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