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Building on the gains of the former main platform for the youth, the Youth Engagement Pillar, and the success of the Ideas Positive Program which span for 10 years, Youth Forward PH is Unilab Foundation's newest initiative that champions responsive youth engagement through a series of targeted face-to-face activities designed for youth leaders that will provide a better understanding of the evolving needs of the youth.

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What we do:


Shaping Leaders

...through programs geared towards equipping the youth with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to be effective advocates for health and well-being​

And Sharing Advocacies working and sharing our learnings with like-minded individuals and organizations, in the spirit of bayanihan​

Towards sustainable communities​

...with policies that work towards meaningful youth participation in health​

Youth Forward PH is the coming together of all Unilab Foundation youth engagement programs – past and present – that works with the youth, by the youth, for the youth.
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