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Unilab Foundation Shines Bright in Bayanihan Week 2023

After 4 long years of waiting, the onsite celebration of Unilab's Bayanihan week finally returned last May 2023, filling the #BayanihanCommunity with new memories and reigniting the spirit of unity and delight among Unilab Warriors. This time around, the Unilab Foundation took part in the festivities as the foundation's staff set up program booths around the Unilab compound to expose and engage the pharmaceutical company employees with the goal of making them aware of the foundation's various programs.

In the spirit of unity and solidarity, Bayanihan Week 2023 brought together organizations, communities, and individuals to showcase the Filipino spirit of helping one another. Among the remarkable participants, the Unilab Foundation stood out as a beacon of hope and service. With its unwavering commitment to healthcare and community well-being, the foundation's participation in Bayanihan Week 2023 left an indelible mark on the hearts of many.

Keeping Unilab employees engaged and at the same time entertained in one with the Bayanihan Spirit. ULF foundation employees made sure that booth participants were made aware of the various programs geared for a healthier and future-ready Philippines.

For decades, Unilab has been synonymous with healthcare excellence and innovation.

The foundation was established with a mission to extend the company's commitment to improving the lives of Filipinos through health and wellness initiatives.

Bayanihan Week, an annual celebration of Filipino community spirit, transcends boundaries and backgrounds to create positive change. In 2023, the event took on even greater significance as it aimed to address the challenges brought about by the ongoing global pandemic.

It provided a platform for organizations like Unilab Foundation to step up and demonstrate their dedication to the community.

Moreover, Unilab Foundation's active involvement has set an inspiring example for other corporate entities and organizations. It demonstrates the transformative power of corporate social responsibility when it is driven by genuine concern for the welfare of the community for a healthier and future ready Philippines.

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