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ULF gained recognition at 2016 World Autism Festival

Different nations, different cultures. One community. ULF carries the Philippine flag at the World Autism Festival, and showcased the talent of Persons with Autism (PWA), and contribution of movers and shapers for PWA inclusion.

Unilab Foundation (ULF) joined other Filipinos in bringing pride and honor to the country at the 7th International Naturally Autistic Persons (INAP) Awards. The awards ceremony was held during the 2016 World Autism Festival, which took place from September 30 to October 5, 2016, in Vancouver, Canada.

ULF Executive Director Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi was awarded First Place in the Community Mentor Category, for her leadership in enabling the hiring of Persons with Autism (PWAs) in the Philippines through ULF’s Project Inclusion. ULF Graphics and Admin Assistant “Mr. Proudly Autistic” Vico Cham was given Special Recognition in the Visual Arts Category for his exceptional talent in painting on different medium, including piña fabric.

Cham is Project Inclusion employee number one.

Other Filipinos who gained distinction were Teacher Archie David, Executive Director of Independent Living Learning Center (ILLC), and gifted soprano Vell Baria.

David was given Special Recognition in the Community Mentor Category for Project Therapy, Education and Assimilation of Children with Handicap (TEACH), an innovative community-based rehabilitation (CBR) program considered as among the best practice models in the field. David has long been a valuable partner of Project Inclusion, and has trained some of the PWDs successfully placed through the program.

Baria was awarded First Place in Performing Arts Category for her talent in singing.

The Filipino delegates bested 131 other nominees from 25 countries.The INAP Awards recognizes PWAs who demonstrate exceptional talent in the visual, performing, and literary arts, as well sports, technology, and entrepreneurship. Awards are also given to notable groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions as leaders, mentors and trailblazers for the inclusion of PWAs in society.

Best from the Philippines

The Filipino delegates showcased Filipino talent and contributions during the festival workshops on October 3.

Palomar-Fresnedi shared her vision for a healthier, more inclusive Philippines. She talked about the system and management science she established in Project Inclusion to enable the gainful employment of PWAs. Cham shared his talent in painting on piña fabric with other PWAs, while David talked about his work on CBR and Life Skills Training, and Transition-To-Work Education.

This is the second year that Filipinos have joined the Festival. Already, the country made a mark during the awards and the workshops, showing the best of and the best from the Philippines to 25 other nations represented in the event.

The World Autism Festival is an annual event that brings together talented PWAs from all over the world; as well as movers and shapers for PWA inclusion in different countries. The festival is organized by the Autistic Network of Community Achievers (ANCA), a consultancy firm based in Vancouver, Canada; and the ANCA Foundation.

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