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ULF leads the Path to Change

The Unilab Foundation celebrates its 10th Anniversary with an Impact in Progress Report.

Our Programs

Our Programs

The Unilab Foundation develops innovative solutions that enable access to health, education, and opportunity for youth engagement in the communities that need them the most.

Our Spin-off Programs


Spin-off Programs are programs by the ULF that have matured and are being supported to fully transition as an independent entity.

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More than the outcomes and recognitions, we are proud to share the stories behind the work that we do for a #healthierPH.

Stories of #healthierph

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Unilab Foundation aims to achieve long term, transformational impact in the areas of Mental Health and Well-being, STEM education and careers and Youth Engagement. By partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations like you, we believe that we can create deeper impact in more communities. Connect with us to find out how we can partner for a healthier and future-ready Philippines.

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