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Project JuanderKit

The JUANDER KIT is a STEM-in-a-back pack product designed to feed a child's curiosity that is easy to implement outside of a school setting. This product is designed to be is engaging for both the kids and their parents or guardians, who are essential partners in rearing a young child’s learning continuity at home. This is a self-contained, interactive STEM learning tool kit with high appeal to kids, with key elements to help parents become learning partners towards the child's development.

JuanderKit's goal is to make an IMPACT among 5 to 7 year-old Filipino public school students (beneficiaries) to have increased interest in Science and Math-related concepts and develop positive STEM attitudes, with parents engaged as learning partners. This campaign is to cultivate the natural curiosity and the practice of scientific inquiry among 5 - 7 year-olds and contribute to better academic performance, while engaging more stakeholders (including parents of young learners) to participate in building a culture of inquiry and innovation among kids (MISSION).

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