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  • Keneth P. Mangoba

Superheroes at play

Each one of us is a superhero in our own little ways.

Volunteering is not a new experience to me. I’m a part of a community-based youth organization that advocates the rights of a child. We conduct several activities on a monthly basis. But the Play It Forward-On The Move Play Day we’ve had in Isabela is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.

The children of Batong Labang Elementary School are different from the usual participants of our program. The mere mention of “bagyong Lawin” triggers memories of their terrible experiences when Typhoon Lawin struck Isabela in October 2016. It was a challenge for us as facilitators, but it also encouraged us to do better in helping them.

The Play It Forward-On The Move program consists of different sets of activities for two half days, which help children cope with their emotions and build their resilience. My favorite part of the program was when they made their own superhero capes based on what they do every day. I love it because it made them realize that each of them is a superhero in their own way.

The highlight of the activity was when they danced to the song “Superhero,” while wearing the capes that they made. That moment was so precious because they were smiling and having fun—free from the memories of the disaster. Their genuine smiles were the most valuable souvenirs that I took home with me.

The disaster that they’ve experience must be traumatic for them; but I believe that the children of Batong Labang Elementary School have the capability to move forward with a smile, because they are superheroes.

It is an honor to be a part of the program Play It Forward. Thank you and more power, Unilab Foundation!

Keneth Mangoba is a certified Play It Forward-On The Move facilitator from Malabon City. He is the treasurer of the Santo Niño Youth Council.

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