Team ULF

We are a diverse team of individuals from various disciplines.

We come from different industries and have worked in different platforms, with different number of years (or yes, decades for some) of experience in our respective fields.

We’re drawn by the same passion to make a positive impact by paying it forward.

We have senior leaders, development workers, social and creative entrepreneurs, communicators, artists, fresh graduates, health buffs, bookworms, travelers, videoke masters, and room for more unique individuals who share our cause.

We are inclusive.

We take our work – not ourselves – seriously.

We bring in our individual talents and contributions to bring holistic health to 100 million Filipinos – one person, one community at a time.

We love creating possibilities, enabling people like you to join us in building a healthier Philippines.

(1st Row, L-R): Roanne Duran, Communications; Mylene Agozar, Admin and Finance; Anna Torres, Leadership Journey/Management Committee; Annalee Carpio, Communications/Management Committee; Irene Francisco, Human Resource; Diane Madulid, Play It Forward-Post Disaster; Zobel Ramos, Project Inclusion; Rosalind Fuentes, Admin and Finance; Bea Arellano, Ideas Positive. (2nd Row, L-R): Misha Natividad, Human Resource; Adrienne Dy, MD, Communications; Melguendelene Cotejar, Admin and Finance; Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi, Executive Director; Samantha de Asis, Play It Forward-Hospitals; Kathleen Largo, Health Science On The Go; Judy Marie Santiago, Communications. (3rd Row, L-R): Alfred Dicto, Ideas Positive; Herbert Carpio, MD, Leadership Journey; Ian Gomez, MD, Ideas Positive and Play It Forward; Grant Javier, Project Inclusion; Marvin Cesario and Vico Cham, Admin and Finance.

(Not in photo: Misha Natividad; Human Resources, Ning Sevilla, Health Science On The Go/Management Committee; Atty. Hernando Sevilla, Legal; Berlin Gregorio, Communications)