Ideas Positive Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Who can join Ideas Positive Run 7?

Each team should be composed of five (5) youth members and one (1) team coach. Team members can be college students, youth from community groups and organizations, working professionals, or a combination thereof. Each team member should be aged 18 to 30 years old. The team coach can be anyone who has the proper competency to guide the team throughout the program. Although usually a professor, it is not required for the team coach to be from the academe.

2. How can our team submit our positive idea?

Visit to register and submit your proposal. Sign up to get your awesome volunteer avatar (or voluntar), and click “Join Now” to start writing your proposal.

3. Is there a registration fee?

None. Registration is free.

4. Are schools/ youth organizations allowed to submit more than one entry?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of entries per school/youth organization. If you have already formed a team with five (5) members, your other schoolmates or friends can still join by forming another team with five (5) members. The more positive ideas submitted, the higher the chances of improving health in our communities and in our country!

5. Can we submit my proposal in other language other than English?

Yes. If you can express your ideas well by utilizing your local dialect you can do so. The Ideas Positive team will be responsible in translating your entry to English.

6. What if there are duplications of campaign ideas?

They say great minds think alike! Should there be duplication of ideas, the Ideas Positive team will evaluate all aspects of the entries to determine which group has a stronger proposal.

7. May we enhance an existing health program that our university/organization is currently doing?

No. Your positive idea should be innovative and provides a fresh approach to address your chosen community's need/s and problem/s. It should not be an existing program or scaled-down version of an existing health initiative. Nevertheless, you may choose to work with your university's/organization’s current community partner.

8. How do we know if our entry is chosen to progress to the next stage of the competition?

You can track the progress and status of your entry by logging in the website. All qualifying teams will be notified through the contact details which you provided on the Registration Form. Announcements will also be posted on the Ideas Positive Facebook page.

9. What are the stages or phases of the competition and what can we expect in each?

Please refer to the competition phases detailed in

10. What will happen during the Boot Camp?

The Boot Camp’s objective is to help enable the teams in successfully implementing their proposed ideas. They will have an opportunity to learn the basics of social marketing, project management, and communication that will guide them in further developing their project proposals. Experts in the areas of public health, social marketing, community development, project management, communications, among others, will share their knowledge and experience as well as provide coaching for the chosen teams. The Boot Camp will also help the students gain more leadership and team building skills that will support them throughout the program.

11. Our team is not based in Manila. How can we participate in the boot camp?

To ensure that qualified teams are able to take full advantage of this opportunity, Unilab Foundation, Inc. will arrange for travel, accommodations and meals throughout the duration of the Boot Camp.

12. How much Seed Money is given to a Finalist Team?

Each qualified finalist team will be given up to PHP100,000  Seed Money to implement its proposal for its chosen community within the six (6) month Implementation Period.

13. How will the Ideas Positive winner be chosen?

Qualifying to receive the PHP100,000 Seed Money to implement your project is already a victory to be celebrated! But as in all competitions, there can only be one champion. It will be the based on overall positive outcomes and results showcased by the teams that will determine the winner, following a set criteria, adjudicated by a panel of judges.

14. Who can we contact for further queries or clarifications about Ideas Positive?

Contact Persons: Alfred Dicto and Michael de la Peña, Project Officers
Christian Gomez, M.D, Program Manager
Phone: (632) 858-1000 loc. 8160 or (632) 2345450 or 0917-5303225
Address: Unilab Foundation, Inc. 2/F Bayanihan Center Annex,
132 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong 1550
Facebook: /IdeasPositivePH
Twitter/Instagram: @ideaspositive