Ideas Positive

Ideas Positive is the country's premier youth engagement program for innovative solutions to health issues in communities. Now on its eighth run, Ideas Positive focuses on addressing local health issues to help build a healthier Philippines, and, ultimately, to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ideas Positive calls on Filipino youth between the ages of 18 to 30 from all over the country to join. It is open to youth leaders, students, young professionals and out-of-school youths who have passion, creativity, and innovativeness, love of country, and a sincere desire to improve the Philippine health landscape-one person, one community at a time.

What happens in ideas positive
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    Submission of Positive Ideas

    Innovative ideas from the youth (18-30 years old) all over the country are accepted through online application via

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    Paper Screening

    All submitted entries undergo paper screening by experts in public health, community development, project management, and communications, among others. Qualified entries move forward to the live screening.

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    Live Screening

    Teams who pass the paper screening present their ideas and plans for project implementation to the panel of experts. Their ideas are judged on practicability, feasibility and appropriateness of the project. The panel also provides the teams with valuable pointers on how to implement their projects better.

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    Boot Camp

    This is one of the most exciting parts of the competition. Teams who passed the highly stringent, two-tier screening process now come together to learn, be inspired, and have fun in a 3-day, all-expenses paid Boot Camp. During the Boot Camp, teams learn the basics of project management through a series of leadership enhancement sessions, team building activities, and inspirational talks from renowned individuals in the mentioned fields. At the end of the Boot Camp, participating teams are expected to possess the skills, motivation, and inspiration to confidently implement their projects.

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    Community Visits

    These occur twice over course of project implementation. The initial community visit is done before the disbursement of funds. A representative of Ideas Positive visits the community to evaluates the team and the stakeholder's readiness for project implementation. If qualified, the team will receive the first half of their requested seed money.

    The second visit is done at the end on the six-month implementation period, to objectively evaluate and document the impact of the project on the community.

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    Project Implementation

    Empowered by the Boot Camp, the teams implement their projects in their chosen communities for six months. In the words of Ideas Positive alumni, "the best and the most meaningful part of the competition is seeing your idea come to life, while helping other people have a healthier future."

    Coaching and mentoring from IP experts remain available to the teams. Regular monitoring by and communication with the IP organizers continue throughout the implementation phase.

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    Finals and Awarding

    Coming from the successful project implementation, teams come together to celebrate the impact of their projects, and to tell their story of building a healthier Philippines in a bigger audience. The outcomes of their projects are judged by a panel of experts from relevant fields and disciplines. The teams with the most notable outcomes in transforming the lives of the communities are awarded as winners of Ideas Positive. The run concludes with the induction of the team members to the Ideas Positive Alumni Community (IPAC).

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