About the Unilab Foundation

We believe in holistic health for all.

At Unilab Foundation, health is at the core of everything we do, because we believe that better health contributes to the country's overall development. Our programs are geared towards providing Filipinos with access to health in all its forms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We focus on health gaps.

Given a multitude of healthcare concerns, we choose to address health gaps - areas of high need and high neglect, where action can create the greatest impact. From these, we develop science-backed programs; convene experts and partners; implement pilot programs; prove their effectiveness through research studies; and scale them up to amplify results.

We are committed to building a healthier Philippines - with you.

Through community-centric and outcome-focused programs, we aim for long-term and transformational impact on the sectors we serve. But we cannot do it alone. Your unique contribution - together with those of our fellow Filipinos - goes a long way. Through bayanihan, we can build a healthier Philippines, one person, one community at a time.

Our logo is an expression of our philosophy. The bright colors are a testament to the bright future we envision through advocating better health, as well as the manner by which we operate – vibrantly.

The circles are characterized in the context of the cell in biology, the most fundamental building block of a healthy human body.

The circles embody the different communities we can help build. It also captures the wholeness of a person: mind, body, heart and spirit.

The circles are a testament to Bayanihan – Unilab's core value, the circles coming together for a common cause. It is in the spirit of Bayanihanthat we build on our founders' legacy of service and of sharing.